A little about me...

From the time our ancestors gathered around the flickering light of a bon fire to cuddling in front of the flickering light of our computer screens today, telling stories is the way we have always connected and shared our knowledge. It is my joy to tap into that primal skill and deliver a story that elevates the viewer to a visceral understanding of the human experience.

I love tapping into all aspects of my humanity while playfully building a character that creates a transformative experience for myself, my collaborators, and ultimately the audience. It makes me feel alive and electric.

It is my job to be so prepared by the time I walk into the spotlight I can throw it all to the wind, take on direction and be fully present in the moment and find truly authentic connection under imaginary circumstances. I have experienced many roles in production and not only understand my purpose on set and stage but also how to best support others in their jobs and protect the process. I want to build a space where my collaborators and I can do our best work- to create something truly amazing all while having a great time.

As a global citizen who has trained internationally at the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts, LAMDA, RADA, UCB, and others, I thrive in new environments. People excite me; new and old. I share that joy both by delving deeply into the creative work and by supporting the team to fulfill the project's vision. I am so lucky that my work is play and I love to do both. So let's play!



What others say....

Laura Vogels is an extremely gifted actress. She is able to navigate the extremes of comedy and drama with daring and finesse, many times in the span of breath. And she is as comfortable with the classics as she is with contemporary works.
— Paul Calderon
Laura is a force. She can break your heart and break your bones- what strength in her vulnerability and her presence alone!
— Matthew Corozine (MCS)