A little about me...

Connection and transformation is something I crave. Storytelling gives me a taste of that. Connection and transformation can be experienced in any moment: a shared laugh, a cry, a kiss, or even just simple eye contact. I love tapping into all aspects of my humanity while playfully building a character that creates a transformative experience for myself, my collaborators, and ultimately the audience. It makes me feel alive and electric.

It is my job to be so prepared by the time I walk into the spotlight I can throw it all to the wind, take on direction and be fully present in the moment and find truly authentic connection under imaginary circumstances. I have experienced many roles in production and not only understand my purpose on set and stage but also how to best support others in their jobs and protect the process. I want to build a space where my collaborators and I can do our best work- to create something truly amazing all while having a great time.

As a global citizen who has trained internationally at the Italia Conti Academy of Dramatic Arts, LAMDA, RADA, UCB, and others, I thrive in new environments. People excite me; new and old. I share that joy both by delving deeply into the creative work and by supporting the team to fulfill the project's vision. I am so lucky that my work is play and I love to do both. So let's play!

What others say....

Laura is a force. She can break your heart and break your bones- what strength in her vulnerability and her presence alone!
— Matthew Corozine (MCS)

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