We sold out our run of Quotidian!

I am so proud of our entire team at the Primitive Grace Theatre Ensemble. Putting up a show is a challenge and to have a sold out run is definitely a victory! 

Quotidian was a show about identity and the passing of time. It was quite an experience to perform and share a true story based on your own life in such an intimate setting. It was powerful to explore the differences and similarities between creating a character versus personal storytelling.

I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity. Here are some fun BTS of rehearsal and thank you so much to those that came out and I hope to see you at the next show!

Get to know the Primitive Grace Theatre Ensemble!

We've sold out our opening night and tickets are going fast. I would love to share Quotidian with you so, if you plan on coming, get your ticket today here

If you want a little sneak peak, check out this video of co-artistic directors David Zayas and Paul Calderon, speaking on our newest production.

Film Festivals Galore

It's been a month of film festivals! I can honestly say it's been an incredible learning opportunity and super fun... as you can probably tell from my ridiculously large smiles in the photos.

The month started off with doing press and screening I AM THEM at the Queens World Film Festival. Then I hopped down to Austin for SxSW for movies, music, parties and 5 days of intense one-on-one mentoring with some of the industry top movers and shakers. It was amazing but at the end of my stay, I think my brain had melted! Luckily, I got a little bit of a break and was revived again for the Tribeca Film Festival for more movies and panels. It was so fun to see back the people I had met at SxSW. So happy to be part of this filmmaking community! See you next year...

Primitive Grace Theatre Ensemble at Access Theatre

The Primitive Grace Theatre Ensemble reads new original works every other week at Access theatre and is continuing to grow every time we meet. The idea is that as a company we continue to explore Lorca's concept of Duende.

Duende contains a least these four elements: an irrationality, an earthiness, a heightened awareness of death and a dash of the diabolical. Primitive Grace wants to bring this force to more theatre in order to shift the audience´s paradigm so they will experience reality in a new, profound life altering way.

I am grateful to be part of such a hard working and creative company. Here is a photo of me reading an original piece! 

A Woman Walks Into A Bar... is done!

Yes, we hit our deadline! I'm leaving for SxSW at the end of this week and I wanted to have A Woman Walks Into A Bar 100% done, and it is. Woohoo! 

Now it's off to submit to Festivals, I'll keep ya'll posted. Here are some stills ta tease ya. ;)

Kim 3.jpg

Woman Walks Into A Bar... Sound and ADR

A Woman Walks Into A Bar is coming along very nicely! We've got picture lock and we've moved on to sound, folley, ADR and scoring. Here are some BTS working with the magnificent John Nathans and fellow actor Tim Anderson. Filmmaking is the ultimate team sport and it is so exciting to see a project coming together. 

Luxury Italian Eyewear Commercial

Today I get to be one of those mysterious pretty people in Sunglasses Commercials. Here we are dancing till the sun goes down on a New York Rooftop all stylishly wearing Italian Designer Eyewear. I do feel very cool wearing these Carrera Sunglasses!

2017-02-14 16.48.05.jpg

A Woman Walks Into A Bar...

I love creating my own work and what better way to add excitement to the year than by writing, directing, producing and staring in my own short film! 

Today we wrapped A WOMAN WALKS INTO A BAR, a short film based on some of my excellent dating experiences in NY. Well... excellent for screenplays that is. I had an amazing cast and crew of 14 people who hustled their butts off to shoot a 8 pages in 12 hours. We had a blast and I couldn't be happier!

Check out some of our BTS! 

2017-01-27 11.52.04.jpg
2017-01-28 10.33.23.jpg

IndieWorks Q&A about Greener

Many thanks to Congested Cat Productions for another great screening of our short film Greener! Congested Cat runs IndieWorks where they screen short films produced by emerging filmmakers throughout New York. It is a great platform for filmmakers to showcase their work in front of an audience and network with individuals in the film community. In fact, the team and I did a Q&A about our process and production. 

Check out our panel starting at 8:30 in the video bellow!

Screening this weekend!

Last year director and writer Natalie Johnson asked me if I would play the title role in her short film LAURA- a story inspired by an article she saw about female veterans and homelessness. It was shot entirely on an iPhone with a anamorphic lens from Moondog labs. An amazing process and a truly wonderful experience! And now it's screening at dixon place this saturday at 7:30! Come join us...


Season's Readings

Recently, I've made it a goal of mine to get involved with a lot more developing work. It is simply amazing to see works go from conception to full blown production so I've been getting my readings all over town, wether it's at Primitive Grace, Naked Angels or elsewhere. Give me your baby scripts and I'll help bring them to life!

Primitive Grace

I'm so honored to join Paul Caledron and David Zayas's theatre company: The Primitive Grace Theatre Ensemble. Tomorrow I have my first meeting as a full fledged company member and I couldn't be more excited!! I love their edgy and raw flavor, their wonderful supportive spirit, and their mission statement couldn't be more up my alley.

Check us out at http://www.primitivegrace.org/

Playing with Voices

I love doing voiceovers. There is something so exciting about hearing every little sound through the headset: the slightest breath, a folding of paper, and exploring the endless capabilities of my voice. And sometimes you get to use it for commericial projects.

I just sent off another voiceover piece in my native dutch for a Health and Wellness Product in the Netherlands.  Check out my soundcloud for my dutch and english reels!

Shadow of Doubt

Just wrapped an episode of Shadow of Doubt for Investigation Discovery. I promise I had more fun than my face in this picture implies! In fact, I love a good interrogation scene with lots of moody lighting and a fog machine. I'll keep you posted as soon as I know the air date!

Nay, pray you, stand further from me!

Having trained in classical theatre in London, Shakespeare is always dear to my heart. Today I got to film a powerful scene just crackling with energy with the dynamic Turron Kofi Alleyne as the Anthony to my Cleopatra.

Here is a peak at the daily!


It's always a pleasure to work with the talented Zach Griffin who is both writer, director and DP on this shoot. This is also the first shoot in which my real life sister, Kim Vogels, also plays my on-screen sister. It was so much fun to take that relationship and mold it into something new. We are the chillest chicas on earth off-screen but tensions run high between the sisters on-screen as I return home on Furlough.

Reading: Nocturnal by Juan Mayorga

Come join me at ESPA Primary stages this Wednesday (June 15th) at 8pm for a staged reading of Nocturnal by Juan Mayorga. I will be playing the part of.... The Tall Woman. 

Open and free to the public.
307 W 38th St #1510

A Maelstrom Production.