Season's Readings

Recently, I've made it a goal of mine to get involved with a lot more developing work. It is simply amazing to see works go from conception to full blown production so I've been getting my readings all over town, wether it's at Primitive Grace, Naked Angels or elsewhere. Give me your baby scripts and I'll help bring them to life!

Primitive Grace

I'm so honored to join Paul Caledron and David Zayas's theatre company: The Primitive Grace Theatre Ensemble. Tomorrow I have my first meeting as a full fledged company member and I couldn't be more excited!! I love their edgy and raw flavor, their wonderful supportive spirit, and their mission statement couldn't be more up my alley.

Check us out at

Playing with Voices

I love doing voiceovers. There is something so exciting about hearing every little sound through the headset: the slightest breath, a folding of paper, and exploring the endless capabilities of my voice. And sometimes you get to use it for commericial projects.

I just sent off another voiceover piece in my native dutch for a Health and Wellness Product in the Netherlands.  Check out my soundcloud for my dutch and english reels!

Shadow of Doubt

Just wrapped an episode of Shadow of Doubt for Investigation Discovery. I promise I had more fun than my face in this picture implies! In fact, I love a good interrogation scene with lots of moody lighting and a fog machine. I'll keep you posted as soon as I know the air date!

Nay, pray you, stand further from me!

Having trained in classical theatre in London, Shakespeare is always dear to my heart. Today I got to film a powerful scene just crackling with energy with the dynamic Turron Kofi Alleyne as the Anthony to my Cleopatra.

Here is a peak at the daily!


It's always a pleasure to work with the talented Zach Griffin who is both writer, director and DP on this shoot. This is also the first shoot in which my real life sister, Kim Vogels, also plays my on-screen sister. It was so much fun to take that relationship and mold it into something new. We are the chillest chicas on earth off-screen but tensions run high between the sisters on-screen as I return home on Furlough.

Reading: Nocturnal by Juan Mayorga

Come join me at ESPA Primary stages this Wednesday (June 15th) at 8pm for a staged reading of Nocturnal by Juan Mayorga. I will be playing the part of.... The Tall Woman. 

Open and free to the public.
307 W 38th St #1510

A Maelstrom Production.

Case dismissed!

Just wrapped another fun project on the steps of the Brooklyn Court House. I'm playing a hot shot lawyer who won't let the opposition get away with anything- even if that opposition is a cute little girl.

Sneak Peak!

I just wrapped a steamy but heartbreaking scene with the talented Cairo George. Nothing like a cult to get in the way of forbidden love. Soon to be added to my reel... Here's a few screenshots!



Coming soon to a screen near you...

Hello from the ADR Studio!

I'm so excited about my latest film LAURA. This short film about female veterans and homelessness is possibly one of the most satisfying projects I've done to date and it's all thanks to the writer/director Natalie Johnson. W are doing some ADR at SoundLounge and I'm getting very excited. I can't wait to see the final version! 

The Why Foundation

Spent the day on set with director Alessia Gatti who is creating a video for The Why Foundation's third media campaign "WHY WOMEN?" aiming to bring awareness to the challenges faced by women and girls globally. In our video we are focused on the positive change that just one more year in school would have in the lives of girls around the world.

Academy Award winner Helen Mirren recorded poetic voice-overs for five different films, all highlighting the conditions of women.  Many thanks to all the ladies bellow involved who braved the NY cold for a good cause!

A fresh start for 2016!

Happy New Year and welcome to my brand new website.

Okay, I'll admit it: I LOVE New Years. I love fresh calendars, reviewing the year and talking about your goals. I love the idea that everyone is celebrating a moment in time just because it's awesome to be alive. Of course, the champagne and lighting sparklers at midnight don't hurt either. I think people get jaded with New Years because it's associated with the inevitable failure of their resolutions. Well, there will be none of that here. I wrapped last year with a run of A Christmas Carol at Theatre For The New City and a benefit reading of Saint Joan raising funds for homeless women in NYC. Let's keep building from there!

Updating my web presence is the first of many things I hope to check of my list this year. Here I will keep you posted about upcoming shows, projects, debuts and other exciting developments in my career. For a more "behind the scenes " look follow me on Instagram & Twitter or Like Me on Facebook (or all three). And if you really want to stay in touch, sign up for my Latest and Greatest and I will send you updates straight to your inbox.

I can't wait to see what this coming year has in store.