Welcome to the Monoblog!

My gym and my playground, @the_monoblog, is originally an Instagram challenge I issued myself to share my work daily and 3 monologues per week. The premise is to consistently memorize, craft, and share new characters with a quick turn around in order to keep sharpening my skill set, repertoire, and playfulness. 

I love the engagement and interactive nature of Instagram. Only one week in and I have been amazed at the comments and support these have been getting. However, I wanted to be able to put all these in a more permanent place so they would be easier to view (Instagram's one minute video rule can make things a little choppy). 

So welcome to the Monoblog! I hope you enjoy and this is as inspiring for you as it is for me. If you want to get these as they come out, please follow me on the 'gram @the_monoblog and leave a comment so I can say hi and thank you for watching.